Sunday, March 20, 2011

Not very interesting, Are they......?

by Kurt D. McGaha on Sunday, March 6, 2011 at 6:55am
January 26th, 2011-6:20am

In quiet prayer and Worship and Praise for an hour or so. I was seeking the Lord and just crying out to Him, pleading and Begging with Him to become more like Him and His Image. Uh, Oh...What did I just ask for?
No Outstanding visions or Audible voices, but just reminding Him that I was asking and seeking and knocking on the door of Heaven to please get rid of any spiritual Pride and search the Innermost parts of My Heart to get rid of those things Displeasing to Him. I lay completely face down on the floor and cried out in tears to make me like Him. The Worship music that was meant for Soaking in His Presence began to end. And I began to hear that still, small voice of His that told me that I had been granted the thing I sought. As I sat down in my study chair, I began to look at my hands, from the Left to the Right. Then He spoke the words Mercy and Compassion, referring to the Left and Right hands repectively. In these things would be the Gift of Healing and Miracles I had been seeking, combined with the Gift of Faith