Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Journal Entry From The Archive Of Old Drafts....

Actual Date: March 19, 2011 10:11pm EST (for those who care)
  so, was just working on my Post today of a bunch of stuff from my Journal. Can't Believe I forgot to Save. Cardinal Rule of ANYTHING important Online.....Well, No one to Blame but myself....Just have to Learn from this mistake.....Hopefully....don't want to Go around that Mountain again.....XOXO K.

OneDay, February 6th, 2011 all day long......

 Well, Today is my Baby Sister's Birthday. I called her to wish her a Happy Birthday and we talked about how wonderfully things were going along and BLAH,BLAH,BLAH......I Love her, Don't get me wrong. But, when we live so far apart, sometimes it's hard to imagine what things are like in that part of the Country. She lives in Los Angeles (City of Angels). And yes, She does work in "The Business." As a matter of fact, she has been in a couple of movies here and there, and done some Commercials. And even done A LOT of Stand-Up Comedy and Improv.  The Kid Sister I always watched over when we were young. Her "Hero", as she puts it so "poignantly". Though I didn't think so myself at the time, and still don't. But, Other people's perceptions of us as their "Heroes", well, I don't really know much about that...ALA Forrest Gump. Just Plain Sense, which I guess we all lack at one point or another in our lives.She's one of those Hard-Working Mommies who just hasn't QUITE caught a Break yet...But, I SEE Good Things on the Horizon for her, and her Husband Eban. Oh, I didn't mention Eban? Well, Eban is really an absolute WONDER! He does lots of Musical Scores for Cartoons, and a few movies and has a lot of His own Music out. Extremely Talented. Can Play a Bazillion Instruments. So, check him out if you care to. Eban Schletter. I'm pretty sure he still has his own Record Company, Netherota Records. Not Positive, you might check But, She's grown up into a Wonderfully Kind Person, Concerned for the rights of Others, A True Mother at Heart for her Beautiful Children, Someone who goes out of their way for others and Takes Good Care of Herself at the Same time. Hmmmm, Sounds like that Women in Proverbs. A Godly Woman takes Good Care of her household and her Business and Herself. Hmmm.....What a Revelation! The Very thing many run from, "Religion", is the very GOOD thing that Everyone wants. Hmmm....Well, I Guess I had never really Looked at it that way before. Then where is this Goodness in each of us, that Truly wants Good Things in Life? Well, If God is only Capable of Wanting Good Things, then what is it we are TRULY Yearning for in this Life? Makes us think......

Anyway, a Few Other Reflections on the day;

 1) Perfection is only Possible through our Righteousness in Christ.

 2) Temptations MUST come, but we have Deliverance from sin through Christ.

 3) Preparation Brings Preparedness.

 4) The Book of Rules, Study it for your GOOD.

 5) Study of the Word will make YOU to be Wise.

 6) There is a Time to Sit Still, and a Time to March.

 7) Wisdom without Zeal is Dry. Zeal without Wisdom is Foolish.

 8) Thank the Father for Kim Clement and his Obedience to his Master.

 9) We should go to the Temple when you  are in Trouble.

 How about our Daily Bible Verse,  Proverbs 3:13-15  "Blessed are those who find wisdom,
   those who gain understanding,  for she is more profitable than silver and yields better returns than gold.
She is more precious than rubies; nothing you desire can compare with her."

And how about our Exposition on a Word from the Bible, In the Book of Acts, The Apostle Paul was Spoken of in that he was asked at various places to do Wonders and Special Works, "Unusual Miracles" or
in the Greek, "Wonder Works"
 Is it a Mystery why we say WOW when we see something that is out of the Realm of our Understanding?
 WOW = Worlds Of Wonder or Works Of Wonder........Think Upon THESE things.......

Okay, Now for those of us Familiar with the Supernatural and God and the Baptism in the Holy Spirit,
 You guys are not left out of this Post. Kind of like Saving the Best for Last. Those of you who Understand what I am Saying will be able to Come to Grips with it.....Soldiering on.......

 1) Praying in Supernatural Languages Releases ALL 9 Gifts of the Spirit.

 2) Praying in Tongues gives YOU the Edge against the Natural.

 3) YOU were Created to be a Supernatural Creation. A Marvelous Work of God.......

                                                            <3'n Jesus, K.