Thursday, January 4, 2018

You Shoot Me Down, But I Won't Fall, I Am Titanium....Because Of Jesus.

Editors Note: This Was Written Very Quickly. Unfortunately My Brain Doesn't Seem To Slow Down Enough Lately To Work In Synch With My Fingers At Times. Thus, My Conundrum.
I Had One Of Those Sudden 'Epiphanies' While Praying Today.

  See, It Was 15 Degrees And -3 Wind Chill Earlier This Afternoon.
I'm Happy I Took Heed And Went To The Store Earlier This Afternoon.
  Currently, It's 10 Degrees And -8 Wind Chill. But That Change's By The Hour Here As We've Seen Too Often In The Past. Too Many Similarities To Real Life At Times.
   Anyways, Seeing As I Have No Car, I Must Make This Particular Trek To The Store Each Day. Rain Or Shine And 'Forage' For Sustenance For My Family, LOL!
It's The Life And Journey I Have Been Given. Many Of My Readers Around The World Understand That Life.

My Life Is Not The One Of The 'Latest Model' Lease Car At My Beck And Call.
My Life Doesn't Consist Of Choosing Whether To Have The Mocha Or The Latte At Starbucks Today.
My Life Doesn't Consist Of Choosing The Loubitan's Over The Versace's For Work.
My Life Consists Of Dragging My 58 Year Old Broken Down Butt Out Of Bed And Taking An Hour Or So To Work Out My 'Old Man' Kinks. And Thank The Father I Can See And Move Still.
Then I Have To Prepare Things For My Disabled Wife For The Day: Meds, Food, Clothes. Etc.

   But Today Was Less Exhausting Than Most.
 On My Walk Home, I Was Praying And Asking The Lord For A Friendly Ride, Or At Least His Strength To Carry Me Home.
And The Particular Reason I Was Insistent On Asking At That Moment?
   I'm Carrying A Backpack Filled With Anywhere From 40-50 Pounds Of Consumables.
And On Hands & Fingertips Guaranteed To Shatter At The Vibration Of A Bug-Fart, ....Another 1-2 Bags. 5-10 Pounds Each.
   And As I Struggled On This Exciting Little Journey, I Was Just Attempting To Pray And Just Trust Him To Get Me Back Home Safely, One Step At A Time. Through Driving Snow And Bitter Cold.
And It Made Me Think Of How Our Servicemen Train.
You Only Look At The Next Step, Yet, Be Aware.

   My Father, A Colonel And Veteran Of Both Army Service, And Extended Air Force Career, Instilled In My Sister And I, A Drive That Went Beyond The Values Held At That Time. And Especially Those Held Round Much Of The World Today.

The Ancient  Blessing Of a  'Stick-To-It'  Spirit.

Just Means That You Keep Trusting In The Father, His Grace, Wisdom And Strength To Keep Putting One Foot In Front Of The Other Every Day.

Don't Give Up.

Not Looking Back, For That Road Hasn't Changed.

 Nor Looking Ahead, To Paths Not Even Seen Yet.

 Ignore The Distraction. Stay Focused On The Next Step.

...... Finish The Mission.

    Just Like Our Eternal Lives.

    By Our Salvation Through Jesus And The Acceptance Of His Sacrifice, We've Been Set Free.
And Can Raise Our Voices Now.
A Fire Suppressed For Years Is Already Exploding In Hearts Around The World.
We Can Touch Souls Around The World Instantaneously.
We Can Change Situations In A Moment.
But Will We?

Can We Finish Our Mission In Life?

Will We Fight The Good Fight?

    I've Learned Through The Experiences Of My Life And Only Because Jesus Love & Grace Throughout My Life Since I Was A Child. He Has Kept Me Alive For His Purposes. I'm Not Special. Don't Know Why He's Kept Me Alive After Multiple Hospitalizations, Injuries, stitches, MRI's, CT Scans And Specialists Pronouncing 'DOOM!' Over My Life.
   Yet, I Still Stand. Time And Again At Death's Door, He Has Said, "No. Not Yet." Like Many Now Reading This Message From Every Point Of The Globe. Learn To Just Step Out And Listen To Your Heart Everyday. With It Comes Peace And Awesome Miraculous Surprises. A Father Loves To Surprise His Children. don't You? Be Prepared....<3'n Jesus Always,k..