Monday, September 25, 2017

The Day After, And Jesus Still Reigns As King......

   I've Been Delaying Posting For A Little While Now, Because So Much Has Transpired Prophetically, Naturally And Personally In My Life Over This Last Month. Yes, I've Finally Laid Down My Pride And Admitted That I Have Had A Lot Of Dysfunctional And Apocalyptic Things Happen Lately.
   Our "Safe Little World". Has Shown Us Recently That She, And The Outside Forces In Our Universe Around Us Every Day, Should Give Us A Basic Understanding Of How Insignificant And Minute We Are In The Galaxy. Hurricanes Care Not Where They Land. Earthquakes Choose Not Their Location. Famine Chooses Not It's Victims By Prestige Or Honor Of Men.
   And Then, There's The "Great Sign In The Heavens" Of Revelations Chapter 12, On September 23rd, 2017. This Was Yesterday. Seen In It's Entirety Over Only Israel, It's Meant As A Sign To Them Specifically As A Nation, And Then To The Rest Of The World And Nations.
   As Far As My Research Of Other Christians And Their Thoughts And Beliefs On The Subject Over The Years, The Pieces Have Come Together Like A Puzzle. The First One I Remember Was Scottie Clarke On YouTube.  ( He Pointed Out The Relevance Of How A 2000 Year Old Prophecy Would Suddenly Appear In Our Heavens With Impeccable Precision, Exactly As Described? And Yet, As The Day Approached, It Was Scoffed At And Misinterpreted By The Powerful Opinions Of The Media Voices Around The World. But, We Never Said It Was The End. At Least Most Of Us Wise Enough To At Least Understand A Little Of The Father's Planning. He Loves Us Far Too Much To Not Graciously Warn Us Ahead Of Time About Things That Matter To Our Lives.
   And Yes, The Day Came And Went Without Any Major Worldwide Disasters, Except For The Increase Of Localized Havoc In A Few Places. It's Just That, A Sign To Warn Of What Is Now Ahead. A Beacon Of Light In The Darkness To Guide Us Into The Proper Light And Balance Of Our Behavior. Do We Just Conveniently 'Pin-On' The Name Of Christ? Or Do We Show Who We Are By Our Actions?
   I've Learned Over The Years Now, That When I Am Stuck In Some Of The Most Distressing, Stressful And Mind-Numbing Situations In My Life, Jesus Has Been There To Strengthen Me And Even Reach Out And Minister To Others Whose Heartache May Be Greater Than Mine. But That Seems To Be The 'Key To Life' Walking With Jesus Everyday Now Lately.
   See, I Really Don't Like Bringing Up My Problems To Other People Or Too Prideful To Ask For Help. My Family Comes From Old Stock Raised In The Hills Of North Carolina. 'Deal With It On Your Own'. But Lately, The Lord Has Pointed Out To Me (Again!) That The Body Is Not Compromised Of A Foot Or A Hand On It's Own. It HAS To Work Jointly Together To Strengthen All Parts Of The Body. It's Just The Way It Works, Folks.
   My Life, According To The World's Values, Has Been Devastated. My Loving Spouse Of 29 Years Is Getting The Help She Needs Right Now. My Health Has Taken A Few Major Bumps &  Bruises Now This Year. Before I Was Just Released Last Week Again From The Hospital For My 4th Time With The Same Thing: Early Onset Of Parkinson's, High Blood Pressure, Malnutrition, And Sleep Deprivation. Our Finances Are In Chaos, Lights Off, Gas Off, And Perhaps A Few Days From Going Urban Camping, LOL!
   BUT, You Know What? I Have My Eyes Set Upon Jesus, And I Am Learning How To Rejoice Now More Than Ever, Because He Will Bring Me Through Like He Always Has. He Is My Rock. He Is My Strong Tower. And In Him Will I Trust...<3'n Jesus Always,k.