Sunday, September 3, 2017

Dear Jesus,....

   Would You Please Give Me Peace In The Middle Of These Many Trials? You Know, And Intimately Understand, Every Trial I Go Through. I've Been Beset With Trouble On Every Side Now.   Yet That Doesn't Mean You Are Not Still Lord. In Your Wisdom And Timing, You Will Bring Me Back To A Place Of Joy, Happiness And Prosperity.
  But For Now, I Am In A Confusing Spiral Of Dismal Events. Utilities Off. Habitation At Threat. A Loving Mate With Long Term Health Issues. And Finally, Myself. Alas, My Energy And Mind Begin To Drift Too Often Lately. I Know In My Heart That The Days Grow Short Now. And That Should Be Expected. The Upcoming Event Of 'The Great Sign In The Heavens' On September 23rd Says It All.
  Ask Anyone Lately, How Much More Tense And Out Of Sorts They Have Felt Over The Last Year. Mans Time On Earth Perhaps May Be Winding Down And Growing Shorter Than We Expected.
  So, What Is Our Ultimate Choice? To Despair And Give Up? Or Look To The Heavens, Ask For Mercy, And Reach Out With Compassion To Those Less Fortunate Around Us? I Choose Life Eternal And Joy Unspeakable....#JusSayinWhilePrayin ....<3'n Jesus Always,k.