Wednesday, May 31, 2017

New And Sudden Changes Are In The Air.......

    I'll Be Honest.
  I'm Probably Not In The Greatest Spiritual, Physical, Mental, Emotional And Financial Place In My Life Right Now. I Have Spent The Last 14+ Days With Very, VERY Little Sleep, Very Little Food, Untold Mountains Of Stress, Despair, And Sorrow. So, pleasE bear With Me Then, ...If i pErhaps Tend toO  Raambelll.....zzzzzZZZzzzzz.......
   (Stupid, I Know. But, Hey....Get Your Laughs Where You Can!)

   I'm A 'Keeper Of Secrets',.... So To Speak. My Heart's Focus These Days Is On My Father And His Particular Will For My Life Each Day. I Have Been Barraged With Sickness, Mental Illness, Untold Financial Distress And Physical Problems, But I'm Not Trying To Lift Myself Up In Any Way.
I Have Experienced A Lot Of Life-Altering Issues Over The (CENSORED) Years I've Been Allowed To Grace This Tiny, Yet, Mysteriously Beautiful Planet Called Earth. I've Watched The Father Do Miracle After Miracle In My Life Over The Years.
 On A Side Note: I'm An Internet Information Junkie. I Relate Many Things And Events Nowadays To The Prophetic Implications From The Bible. Just My Thing Over The Last 30+ Years...Sorry.
   Realistically: I Am Not Only Awed And Dumbstruck By The Signs Lately Around The World That Have Echoed the Very Words Of Jesus Christ 2000 Years Ago. They Are Occuring In The Daily Headlines EACH Day Now. Well, It Is What It Is, My Friends.
   You Know What? I'm Taking A Break Here. I Have So Much Info Running Through My Brain And Heart, I Need To Put It Into A Logical And Understandable Order. I Do NOT Want To Be Complacent In My Message. Jesus Will Be The ONLY Answer In The Days Now Ahead. Choose Or Lose. Please....Get A Clue. Stop For A Minute And Reflect. WHERE Is YOUR Life Headed? Will Your Legacy Be Esteemed Or Disparaged? The Choice Shall Be Ultimately Ours In Jesus. To Him Be The Glory Always.....<3'n Jesus Always,k.