Wednesday, March 29, 2017

One More Day..Of Him Stepping Beyond The Veil.......

   When I Started This Blog, I Mentioned That Each Day Of Our Lives, Involve Taking Them ONE DAY At A Time In Our Walk With With Jesus. Our Advancement And Progression Seems To Depend On Your Own Personal Relationship, And The Level Of That Relationship. And If I Didn't, Then I Need To Now. To The Body Of Christ As A Whole.
   Look.....I'm Not, And Don't Even Presume To Be Any Sort Of Prophet, Seer, Teacher, Pastor, Bishop, Or ANYWHERE Near Being Even Any Sort Of 'Disciple' Of Jesus Christ. I'm Just Trying To 'Muck/Slog/Walk/March It Out, Like Any Other Christian who Truly Proclaims Jesus Christ As Lord, Master And Savior. Especially In This Broken, Screwed Up, Dysfunctional, And 'COMING SOON!', Apocalyptic World We Now Reside In.
   We, As A Human Race Occupy. We Take Over, Use, Abuse, & Misuse All We Have Been Blessed With. We Seek The Things That Flow Like Water Through Our Cupped Hands Of Greed, Covetousness And Pride.
   Oh, I'm Not Just Out Throwing 'Flaming Arrows Of Judgement' At Anyone In Particular. I Find Myself,The More Palatable Target In My Own Mind, Ethics And Current Emotional State. There Are Too Many Unknowns Each Day. Things That Destroy Our Values. Things That destroy Our Bodies. And The Things That Attempt To Destroy Our Spirit.
   And Yet, Because Of The One Who Called Me Years Ago, I Just So Happen To Be Reasonably Alive. HE Takes Care Of TODAY's Needs For My Disabled Wife, And My Son, Who At Age 23, Contracted And Survived Stage 4 Cancer. By The Grace And Favor Of He Who Has Laid Down His Life For Me And Mine. He ALWAYS Comes Through For Us Somehow.
   Yes. Jesus. 'Yeshua Hamaschiah', The Christ. The Messiah. THE Son Of David, The Great IAM, The Word Made Flesh.
The One Whose FACE Shines With Purity & A Holiness Like The Brightest, Burning Magnesium You Have Ever Seen.
Like Watching Someone Arc Weld 2 Metals Together.....
Like Staring At The Sun Head-On For Hours On End...
   Whatsoever Occurs Day To Day In Our Petty, Limited,Closed-In Minds. He Alone, Is The Only One Who Has Redeemed Me To Live Out a Life Of Glory That Can Only Belong To Him.
   He Alone, Has Earned It And Paid A Price None Of Us Could Ever Pay. He's Earned Our Praise And Glory....#JusSayinWhilePrayin....<3'n Jesus Always,k.