Monday, March 27, 2017

France, ..Oh, France! A Visitation Is Coming.......

   I Was Compelled To Post this A Little Bit Ago....<3'n Jesus Always,k.

  "Listen To The Winds Of Change, France! The Spirit Of The Living God Is Descending Upon Your Country To Establish His Kingdom On This Earth. You Will Rise From the Ashes Of Indecision, Greed, And The Deceptions Around You. The Veil Shall Fall From Your Eyes, And You Will Witness The Truth Of His Resurrection.
  You Have Been Mocked As A Nation Of Cowards, Yet By The Hand Of My Spirit, You Shall Rise Again As A Nation Of Righteousness. One That Glorifies The Name Of He Who Lives Forever. Your Surrender Is Not To The Passing Whims And Trends Of The World, But Your Surrender Will Be To The Commander Of The Angel Armies.
   Watch Now As The Winds Of Justice And The Righteousness Of God Arises Out Of The Ashes Of Indifference."