Sunday, August 14, 2016

A Love 'Revelation' Written Over 25 Years Ago.....

   A Few Days Ago, My Wife Discovered A Poem I Had Written To Her, Hidden In One Of The Many Bibles We Keep Around Our Home. Written Probably Over 25 Years Ago Now. And We Read It Back To Each Other, Trying To Understand The Emotions And Feelings Of That Special Time In Our Lives. I Asked Her Permission To Use It Here On The Blog. It Goes As Follows:
       Roses Are Red,
       My Eyes Are Green,
       To Be Without You,
       Would Be A Bad Scene.

       I Wrote You A Poem.
       It's Not Very Long,
       But It's Straight From My Heart,
       In Lieu Of A Song.

       I Tell You "I Love You",
       Countless Times Each Day.
       But I Thought I Would Show You,
       In This Special Way.

       A Ring Of Promise,
       Of Love So True.
       A Band Of Silver,
       My Promise To You.

       A Vow I Took,
       To Love, Honor And Cherish.
       To Care For You My Darling,
       Til By Death I May Perish.

       So, Roses Are Red,
       And Violets Are Blue,
       And With Jesus Our Lord,
       My Love For You...Remains True.
   Everything In Our Lives, At That Time, Was A Wonder And Miracle From His Very Hand. Our Life Rang Out With His Joy And Providence. And Then, The 'Springs Of Life' Dried Up. 7-8 Years Of Dryness. No "Rain" In Our Lives, Or Mine, Spiritually I Was 'Restrained' For 2 Weeks In 2011 Because I Was Angry And Fed Up With The Unrighteousness Around Me. It Was The Epitome Of My Life At That Point. The Father Had Blessed Me With A Mind Of Incredible Clarity At The Time After A Long Period Of Fasting And Prayer. I Began To Reach Heights Of Wisdom I Had Desired For Years....Understanding Complex Medical, Biological, Mechanical, Geological, And Chemical Formulas Lost In The Fog Of Time Over Years. 'Snatches And Glimpses'' Of INCREDIBLY COMPLEX Information. And Then,... To Have The Enemy Slip In And Create Havoc In Your 'Mind', Body And Spirit For Years.
   No. I Don't Have My 'Stuff'' Together. I Feel Sometimes I Am Beyond Lost. I Have Had A Difficult Time Accepting ANYONE"S Love, Including The FATHER's And Even My OWN WIFE's.
   I Am Battered. My Castle Has Been Stormed At Times. But Yet, I Still Carry His Messages Of Salvation, Hope, Peace, And His MOST Magnificent Blessings, Because He Loved Me First.   And Yet Why Do I Fear Constant Retribution Against My Life For A Miscommunicated Actions Or Words? Why Do I Always Feel I Must Perform For HIM, To Earn His Complete Acceptance? It Seems As If It's A Performance Issue with Me. My Father Was Military Bred. Discipline Was Key. "A Warrior Is A Warrior. He Defends Those That Cannot Defend Themselves." And....This Is Now The Heritage I Carry,.... Proudly. Hopefully I Fulfill The Prayers Of My Grandparents And Parents Who Raised Me. To Preach The Gospel.
   In Matthew 3:2, It Tells Us To "Repent, For The Kingdom Of God Is At Hand." Yes It Is. Now More Than Ever At Any Time In History. Just Read The Daily News. Search Your Hearts Now. Do You See That Dark, Empty Spot? What Would You Do? How Would You Act Or Behave In The Light Of One So Pure, So COMPLETELY..,.. Forgiving Of ALL You May Have Done? Can That Be Such A 'Pipe Dream' To Achieve?
    His Power Remains Active 25/7. He Never Sleeps. See Psalm 121:4 "Behold, He That Keeps Israel Shall Neither Slumber Nor Sleep." I Have Questioned Myself Many Times Over 30+ Years Now , As To Whether I Was TRULY Hearing His Voice Once. Today...I am Hearing The Voice Of The One Who Holds 'Life & Death' TRULY In His Hands. "
   "Lord Jesus, Deliver Your Servants From Their Bondages, So That They May Now Proclaim  Christs Name For Their Release, Heal The Sick, Raise The Dead, And Set The Captives Free. Let Us Demonstrate The Power Your Name Holds Over Life And Death. YOUR Name IS The Key To Be Set Free. Let Us Speak It Out. And Claim It For Our Salvation And FREEDOM In Christ From This Day Forward Until Your Redemption Comes. In Jesus Blessed Name We Pray, Amen.
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   Have A Truly Blessed And Special Day.........<3'n Jesus Always,k.