Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Yes, Bad Times May Come, But Good Times Will Shine In The Son......

  There Is A Famine In Our World Today."What? A Famine Of Food?", You May Ask Yourself. And My Answer Is: NO. The True Famine In The World Today Is A Seeming Lack Of Hope.
   This May Seem Like An Addendum To My Previous Post, But I Have Been Fasting, Praying, And Seeking The Lord For Over A Week Now. The Dreams, Visions, And What Not Have Seemed To Increase Lately. Many Of You May Have Had The Same Experiences Lately.
   "A Storm Is Coming", To Paraphrase A Common Thread In Many Movies And TV Shows Today.
 But It Will Not Be The Storm Many Are Expecting. Oh Yes, A "Storm Is Coming". But It Will Be HIS Storm Of Love. You Are Loved Far Beyond Anything You Know. Why Have You Been Allowed So Many Chances To Turn Your Life Around? Why Have I Been Allowed So Many Chances At Redemption Throughout My Life? Because He Loves You & Me.
  Yes, A Storm Of Protest, Righteousness, And The Glory & Power Of The Almighty Is Coming...And HIS People Will Shine Like The Very Sun. Eye's Up, For A VISITATION Is Coming.......<3'n Jesus Today & Always,k.