Sunday, June 28, 2015

No More Looking For The Signs. They Are Upon Us......

   Sunday Evening, And I Am Cooking Dinner For My Wife, My Son, When He Gets Home, And Whoever May Drop In At The Time. But For The Last 2 Days, I Have Been In A Lot Of Prayer, Fasting And Study.
   Changes Have Come. Our World Is Now Changing. And I'm Not Talking About The Recent Supreme Court Decision In America (For Those Of My Readers From Across The Globe Not Familiar With U.S.A. Politics.)
    Massive Solar Flares, Severe Changes In Our Weather, Heartbreaking Die-Offs Of Our Wildlife, Devastating Earthquakes, Tsunami's, Flooding, Typhoons, Sinkholes, Volcanoes, Crop Failures, Droughts, Massive Heat Waves, Wars, Unbelievable Inhumanity Against Man....Uh, Shall I Go On?
   I Will Have Become Redundant In A World That Resounds 24/7/365 with The Cry Of ''Havoc! Set Loose The Dogs Of War!-Julius Caesar"
   When Will We Return To The Roots Of Who We Are As A People, Nation, Race,...'Humanity', And Treat Each Other With Love Instead Of Suspicion?
  Must We Continually Judge Each Other By Our Faults? Instead Of Looking At The Beauty that Has Been God-Endowed? And Forgiving? As WE HAVE BEEN FORGIVEN? Has This Been Forgotten In The Church Today?
   You Have Been Given The Right, Privilege, And Honor...Of Loving And Forgiving Each Person You Come In Contact With. It's Not A Question Open For Discussion.
   If You Have Felt,And Experienced, The Power & Grace Of His Presence, You Will Understand What I Mean. If You Have Not, Cry Out. Because He Will Answer.
...................#JusSayinWhilePrayin  .............<3'n Jesus Always,k.