Thursday, April 23, 2015

A Tree Grows In Buffalo........New Growth And Reaching Out......

 A Life Analogy:
   I'm waiting at the bus stop. And then, as I'm waiting there on a bus, that forever seems late, I suddenly heard that very familiar still, small voice of the Lord speak to me. And I hear Him say, "Turn to your left." So, I turned and looked to my left. In front of this century-old building where the bus stop was, is a tree. One of those 'old growth' oak tree's. And as I looked up at it's massive and widespread limbs, branches, leaves & sprouts & buds. I once again began to hear that still, small but Powerful & Authoritative Voice rang through my very being, " Do You See This 'Olde Oak?" And obviously, I could only respond, "Yes, Lord?"
   And once again, that Loving voice spoke and said, "Do You Not Realize That The Years Of Your Life Are Like This Oak?"
And in those few words, He spoke volumes in a picture
The limbs, branches, leaves, sprouts and buds that you see, represent those throughout our live's that we've touched through random kindness and humility before Him.
   And I saw that those we have nourished, have not been in vain. And they have gone on now to nourish and enrich others, and cause them to multiply & grow. The lessons we've gone through haven't been in vain. Be encouraged, and encourage one another. Your brothers & sister's in these things. Remember His word in Matt. 10:42, " And if anyone gives even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones who is my disciple, truly I tell you, certainly that person will not lose their reward." 
Let Go Of Your Fear. 
Reach Out, For You Are Loved Beyond Measure. 
Now Go...And Share It.             
.............<3'n Jesus Always,k.