Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Who Is This "God" I Say I Serve?....

  Well, This Post Might Get Deeper Than Even I'm Ready To Go...
I'm Sitting Here And Thinking.
It's 5:55 Am, December 2, 2014.
Our World Is Changing More And More Drastically Day-By-Day. Fear Is Beginning To Run Rampant. Each Day We Rise, More Stories Of Horror, Bloodshed, And Destruction Leap From The Pages Of Our Virtual Newspapers And Alerts. But, Guess What?
    In The Midst Of These Stories And The Everyday Real Situations Many Are Experiencing, His Name Still Shines Gloriously. Why?
Because His Name Is The Only One We Are Able To Call Upon, When We Have Laid Down The Selfish Nature Of Our Beings And Realized, "Hey! Guess What? You Aren't The Most Important Thing Walking! But Jesus Still Loves You Anyway!"
   He's Been So Graceful In My Life. I've Been So Close To Death, So Very, Many Times Now In My Brief 54 Years Here On This Beautiful And Amazing Planet He Has Blessed Us With. And My Family. We Have Been Attacked Throughout Our Lives So Much Now, It HAS To Be NOTHING Other Than His Awesome Grace, And The Intervention Of His Angels & Servants In Our Lives, That We All Still Stand Today, A Testimony To The GRACE That He Has Allowed. And Yet, Through All The Hate, Grief, Sadness, Broken-Heartedness, Sickness In Body And Soul, Loss Of Friends And Family, Loss Of My Own Productivity, As A Human Being Sometimes.
   He Has Been There. Silently Watching At Times. Crying Silently And Praying Over & For My Weaknesses. Giving Comfort Suddenly, Without Warning, From A Dimension Far Beyond Anything Our Senses Understand. And ...As I Look Back Over The Years Now, I Can Now Understand His Presence Always There. Even Though I've Acted Like A Big Baby Sometimes And Thought I was Alone.
   Because, See.....Yes. I Made Promises To Him,... 33 Years Ago That I Haven't Always Kept, And Failed At Time And Time Again. But Him.....Oh, Yes. Him......
    He's Been Our ...El-Shaddai. "The God Who Is Sufficient For His People."
    He's Been Our ...Jehovah-Jireh. "The Lord Our Provider."
    He's Been Our ...Jehovah-Ropheka. "The Lord Our Healer"
    He's Been Our....Jehovah Shalom. "The Lord Our Peace"
    He's Been Our "Jehovah Rohi". "The Lord Our Shepherd"
He's Been Everything To Our Lives. I Introduced My Wife Of 26 Years, A Former Catholic, To Jesus Christ, Our Lord & Master, Over 27 Years Ago Now. I Thank Him For Using Me To Set Her Free Into A New Life With Him Internally. But Externally, The Signs Are Showing. Age And Wear Has Taken It's Toll On Her. And It's Taken A Toll On Me.
   But, Guess What? Our God Is Able. We've Learned Through The Trials, Crushed Emotions, Destroyed And Redeemed Physical Bodies Of The Last 26 Years, That My God, HER God, OUR GOD, ....Is More Than Able.
   Each Time. Every Time. He Doesn't Fail. He Hasn't Failed. ...Just Give It A Try Sometime. Believe Beyond Belief. And Watch The Mention Of His Name Produce Unbelievable Miracles...
.......................<3'n Jesus Always & 4-Ever,k.

This Post Is Subject To Edit At Any Time When I Re-Read It. When I'm Inspired, I Write Of What I See. Artists Paint What They See. I Paint With Words. Or Try To.
   Sometimes, I'm In Such A Hurry To Get The Thoughts, Visions, And Fears/Tears Of My Heart Down, That Posts Are Grammmatically & Punctuallly, Incorrect. Because Of The Desire To Finish My Thoughts In The Meager Language Of The English I Have Been Taught. Because The Abundance Of Words Don't Do His Observed Glory Justice.....<3'n Jesus Always,k.