Friday, November 28, 2014

Are You Fighting With Yourself?....

 Man. The Last Few Days Have Been Nuts. Somethings Up. Like An Insidious Virus, I've Watched An Attitude Of Skepticism And Defeat Spread Amongst My Brethren. Like A 'Spiritual Virus'.  It Has Spread. But Yet, I Will Proclaim What I Have Seen. This Is The Calm Before The Storm.
   I've Seen It. The Lines Of Fear Etched In Their Faces. "What Shall Happen Tomorrow?" "Each Day Now Brings A New Terror."
  Want The Answer? "Give Up." His Intricate Plan For All Of Humanity Is Laying Out Our Lives Like The Pre-recorded History It Is In His Eye's. Totally And Completely In His Capable Hands.Then, You'll Find Your Freedom.
Like My Brethren,The Scots Say, "Alba Gu Bra".....
Taking The Line By Mel Gibson As William Wallace, In 'Braveheart', ...."Freedom!"
    ....<3'n Jesus Always,k.