Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Rest Of October......

   I'll Probably Get Crucified For This One.....'sigh'...    What I See: A Change... Is Coming. Changes Will Take Place Physically, Across The Globe: Politically, Socially, Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, & Spiritually. People Will Rise, People Will Fall. Nations Will Rise. And....Nations Will Fall. Everything In History Has Now Come To This Point.  
  Pray....Because Only He Now Will Watch Over You.  Look Around You. ..Even Today's Headlines: Ebola, Enterovirus, Black Plague, Earthquakes, Solar Blasts, Typhoons, Hurricane's, Tornados, And The List Goes On.                                                                                                                                        The News You See, Speaks Of Your Crises Every Day. A Little 'Something' To Think About As You Drive, Ride The Metro, Bike, Walk, Whatever... To Work.
Your Current Weather Patterns Are Changing. The Earth Is Heaving Suddenly. Out Of The Heaven's, Exploding With Suddenness, ...Will Come A Bombarding Of Earth We've Never Seen. Chelyabinsk Was Nothing. My Heart Hurts For What I've Seen Coming.
   Our Nations Say That "All Is Well! We Understand And Have It Under Control. Go Back To Your Ordinary Lives." But, We All Know It's A Lie. How Can You Control What You Don't Even Understand? The Common Mistake Of Our Planet's History.                                                                       Seek Him, While He Can STILL Be Found. I Feel Like I've Lived 1000 Years Already. I'm Tired, I'm Weak. And He, ....Jesus, Is The Only One Restoring My Strength And Faith Every Day. Wake Up. Look Around You. Time Grows Exceedingly Short. But For Those Depending On Him, Get Ready For A Rollercoaster Ride...........<3'n Jesus Always,k.