Friday, September 19, 2014

Miracles Every Day.....

  Ahhh, It's Been A Very Long And Unusual Day.

   It's 6:03am, ...And I'm Still Up. Been Up Since 9:00, I Think.

    My Poor Wife Has Been Coughing, Sneezing, And Blowing Her Poor Nose So Raw It's Starting To Look Like It Belongs On A Ringling Clown. I Feel So Bad For Her And Just Hurts My Heart To See Her Going Through This Now, Especially After All She Has Been Through Already.

    I've Been Doing The 'Round-The-Clock Caregiver' Role For So Long, That This Isn't Really That Much Of A Stretch, So I'm Giving Her The "Grandma Treatment".
The Whole "Make The Home-Made, From Scratch Chicken Soup (Don't Forget The Turmeric!), Pour Her Another Glass Of Distilled Water & Ice, Fluff Her Foot And Head Pillows, Make Up, Dispense, And Keep Track Of  All Her Different Medications & Refills (Can Do It Asleep And Blindfolded Now, LOL! But Wouldn't Do That) Make Her A Nice Cup Of Hot Tea With Honey (Reheat Appx. 20-30x Daily,"The Ritual", But No Biggie, LOL! *see below addendum for ritual), Stop When She Calls To Help Her Walk Back & Forth To The Bathroom, Because She's Got The Start Of Diabetic Neuropathy In Her Little Puddie's. And It's A Little Worse Because Her Left Foot Already Has Tendinitis. But, Can't End That On A Pitiful Note, So Here's Just A Cool Little Miracle That The Lord Has Granted In Request To Our Prayers For Her In Helping Her Lose Some Weight:
  Within The Last Few Months, She Has Gone From 276 lbs. To 215 lbs. When I Told Her, She Almost Fainted. Jesus Is So Wonderful.

   God Has Blessed Me With A Wonderful Son. Having Survived & Been Healed Of Stage 4 Cancer, He Knows The Value Of Faith, Love, & Sacrifice. And Even Though He's Been Suffering Some Of The Same Nasty Symptoms, He's Been Sharing The Load With Me. And He Knows The Value Of Prayer. He'll Come In And Ask Me To Pray Over Him, Or For His Friends, Or Over His Mom. And He Knows When To Ask God For Wisdom.
   When I Received The Cat Bite A Week Or So Back, He Was The First To Jump On Me and Pray Over Me And Then Make Sure I Got My Butt To The Emergency Room. And Then Was Constantly Reminding Me Every Day To Take My Antibiotics And Not Miss Them. Miss One And It's Freak Out Time. He's A Very Large Man Now. But Always Been Very Strong Since He Was A Child. He Takes After My Father: 6 Foot, 300 Pounds Of Very Strong Teddy Bear, But Don't Piss Him Off, Or He Will Roar. But, He's A Sweetheart.

   And My Hand? Well, The Swelling Is Entirely Gone From My Arm, No More Scary Red Streaks, Creeping & Growing Like Kudzu Vines Up My Arm. I Can Actually Latch My Watch On My Arm Again (Since I Couldn't Take It Off After It Swelled, LOL!), And I Can Almost Close My Hand Entirely Into A Fist Again. There Is Still Just A Little Swelling On Top Around The Puncture Hole, And Mostly In My Middle And Pinky Knuckles. When I Close It, It Bears Resemblance To One Of Those Old "Hulk Smash" Toy Fists From A Few Years Ago. Except If I Punch Something, The Roar Will Come From My Mouth And Not From My Hand. Well, It Might Whimper. Probably The Best It'll Be Able To Muster..

   But Thank God That I Am Slowly Healing Up, As We All Are. See, I Have No Other Choice But To Ask For Wisdom From The One Who Created All Things. Just Makes Logical Sense. If You Had A Very Important Question That Involved Others, Wouldn't You Go To The Most Knowlegeble Person You Knew To Ask For An Answer? Just Makes Sense To Me. And I Received My Answers. And I'm Still Seiing Answers. And I'm Just Waiting On Him And Thanking Him Now For The Rest Of Them. What's The One Most Important Answer You Need In Your Life Today? Take A Risk. Ask Him. Ask Him To Please Send You A Sign That He Heard You.Then Take Time To Listen. You May Hear It Loudly Or Softly, Depending On How Much You Want Your Answer. Take A Chance. What Do You Have To Lose? Let Me Know In The Comments One Of Your Most Recent Answered Prayers And Miracles From Him. And If You Still Have Needs, Let Me Believe With You And Pray For You.

   If I Get Enough Testimonies And Recent Praise Reports, I Will Put Them All Together In One Post, Last Names Redacted Of Course For Privacy. And Then Send It Out On My Other Social Media Links So That People Can See That God Is Moving Again, Jesus Is Alive, And He's Doing Awesome Things For Ordinary People....Just Like You And Me. Have A Tremendously Blessed Day.....<3'n Jesus Always,k...\0/
      Isaiah 26:3 Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.

   *addendum; Exposition On The Comedy Of Errors Known Heretofore As:

            "The Ritual Of The Reheating Of The Mug".

      All Specific Guidelines Must Be Fulfilled For Full Imax Experience

           1) One (1) Lipton Tea Bag (Not The Kind That Explode Like Party Favor's In Your Cup                          When You Mistakenly Punch 20 Minutes Instead Of 2 Minutes.)
           2) One (1) 8-10 oz. Cup of Molecule-Smashed Water @ Optimum Temperature To Scald Me                   Upon Removal....Guaranteed.
           3)  Add 'X' Spoons Of Sugar.
                   a) Wipe Up Spilled Sugar From Floor You Just Spilled. Sorry, I'm Clumsy.
           4)  Add 'Dab' Of Whole Milk.
                   a) Stir Along With one (1) Spoon Of Honey
                   b) Add 2nd 'Dab' Of Whole Milk.
                   c) Now Wipe Up Counter And Microwave Because You Put Too Much Milk In                                       Cup.'sigh..'
           5)  Re-Energize Water Molecules. Because Now It's Cold....'sigh, again'.
           6)  Taste.
                   a) Scream.
                   b) Begin Silent Prayer Of Desperation, Seeking My 'Happy Place'
                   c) Bend Down And Clean Up Mess.
           7)   Repeat Step 1-6, Taking Caution & Watching Clock Like A Hawk.
    ...end of Editor's Note)