Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What Is Faith?

  I Woke Up Around 4:30 This Morning....Wondering Why I've Been Feeling So Tired Lately. But More Wondering About My Own Spiritual State. Just Feeling Very Out Of Sorts, And Not Feeling That Closeness Of The Father's Presence As I Would Like To. And Then, As Always...I Hear That Still, Small Voice Speak Up And Ask Me A Question: "What Is Faith?"
   And I Thought For A Second And The Definition Of It Being Something We Couldn't See And Believing In It's Existence Came To Mind. But Then I Heard The Father's Voice Ask Me, "Why Do You Have Faith?". Had To Think About That One Quite A Bit Longer. And Then I Began To Think Back To My Childhood.
   My Father Was In The Military And Many, Many Times When I Felt I Needed Him The Most, He Wasn't Around. But I Still Knew That He Loved Me. Why? Because When He Would Return, He Would Always Bring Something Back From Whatever Country He Was In And Would Spend A Lot Of Time With Me When He Was Here.
  So, I Believe The Lesson That The Holy Spirit Was Trying To Teach Me Was That I Had Faith In My Father Even When He Wasn't Around That He Would Eventually Return And Spend Time With Me. And That Faith In Him Was Because I Knew That He Loved Me. And He Would Return Again...Just Like The Father In Heaven. I Think That Just Brightened My Day.......<3'n Jesus,k.