Saturday, May 5, 2012

I Didn't Forget, I've Been Busy....Duh!

 You Know, I Was Thinking About How Early In Life, We Strive To Make Friends And Be Acceptable To Others In Our Society. Sometimes We Push Ourselves Beyond The Limits We Have Been Created With And Find Ourselves Crashing Somewhere Down The Road. I Strove To Be Acceptable To People Instead Of Being Acceptable To Myself...What A Sham We Can Turn Our Lives Into.
  Some People Do It By Overcompensating Their Bodies Instead Of Their Hearts. They Change Themselves Into Something That Was Never Intended. And That's Unfortunate....I Should Know. I Was One Of Those People. Nothing Wrong With Taking Care Of Yourself, But When Your Self-Image Evolves Around How You Dress Or Look, What You Drive Or Own, How You Talk Or Walk...Then Something's Wrong.
  But I Started Thinking About The Idea Of Real Friends. The Ones You Can Talk To Up Or Down In Life. The Kind That Reach Out To You Before You Have To Reach Out To Them. Those Kind Are Few And Far Between. Many Will Say They Are Not, But They Really Are. They Are The Ones Who Know In Their Heart And Souls What Their Friend Is About, And Can Feel When That Friend Needs Them.
 Life Throws A Lot Of Curveballs. We Have Questions That Sometimes Go Unanswered For Years. But Be Glad That To Have Friends That Know You. Friends Who Believe The Best About You, Even When You Don't. Friends Like That Are A Gift From God The Father...Placed In Your Life To Inspire You, Support You, And Cherish You. They Are A Blessing In Disguise......<3'n Jesus,k.