Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Another Loving Miracle............

  Know It's Been A Week Since I Posted. Have Had Some Very Wonderful Experiences With The Lord Moving In My Life. I Believe It Was Last Week About Monday Or Tuesday, That I Woke Up And Immediately Was Struck With A Sense Of Worry Over How I Was Going To Feed My Family For The Next Week. That's A Situation That Would Take Awhile To Explain, But In The Middle Of This Battle In My Mind, I Only Heard The Words, "Trust Me."
   Well, I'm Up And Awake For No More Than An Hour When My Son Walks Back Into My Office And
Says Someone's At The Door For Me. Now, I'm Thinking It's Either One Of 3 Things: Another Political Campaigner, Door-To-Door Salesman, Or Perhaps Someone From Another Faith Trying To "Save" Me. I
Really Didn't Want To Go Out There, But My Son Is Insistent. So I Walk Out There To Find About 6 People From My Church On My Porch. They Introduced Themselves And Then Handed In Through The Door A Huge Box And Bag Filled With Groceries With The Statement "We Were Wondering If You Might Need This?"
   What Can I Say? All I Did Was Look Up To Heaven In Front Of Them And Said "Thank You Father." They Had Puzzled Looks On Their Faces Until I Began To Explain What Had Just Occurred Not More Than An Hour Before. They Began To Praise God For The Way He Always Looks Out For His Children If You Will Only "Trust Him."
   So Many Times We Hear The Phrase "Trust God" That It Becomes As Common As "Good Morning", But It's A Different Experience When You Trust Him And He Suddenly Shows You That He CAN Be Trusted, Again And Again. I've Been Through So Many Situations Now In My Life Where I Have Watched His Miraculous Hand Show Up Time And Time Again, Even Through Life-Ending Illnesses And Accidents. And I Know The One I Trust, Even Though I Worry And Fear At Times. But Even In That, He's Proved Himself. It's  An Amazing Experience Walking With Jesus......<3'n Jesus,k.