Sunday, March 11, 2012

Seriously? This Is A Joke, Right?....

  And A "Happy Daylight Savings Time" Day To You, My Dear Readers! I Especially, Probably Like Many Of You, Desire To See The Spring Season With It's Longer Hours Of Sunshine. I'm A Sun Lover And A Son Lover. (Had To Stick A Christianity Pun In There Somewhere!)
  But, Sorry For The Delay In Posts, Because I've Been Fighting Through Quite A Bit Of Depression Over The Last Week, But....Today, It's Beautiful Out, Warm (At Least For Here In Buffalo!) And It's Sunday. So, That's At Least 3 Great Things So Far About Today. And I Feel Pretty Good Even Though I Missed Getting To Church Again Today. But, That's Okay....Well, Not Really. Cause I'm Pretty Mad That I Missed It. I Needed A Touch From The Father In Heaven Today. I Mean, I REALLY NEEDED A Touch From The Father. But Then, A Funny Thing Happened.....As It Always Seems To When Jesus Gets Involved In Our Internal And Emotional Warring Inside Of Ourselves.
   A Friend Was Here Using My Computer To Talk To A Few Of His Friends Back Home. He's A Young Man About 22. Very Energetic As We All Are At That Age. "Bouncing Off The Walls" Is Maybe A Good Description For It. ...But, I Digress. (LOL! Always Wanted To Use That Word!)
   As I'm Sitting There On The Couch Bemoaning The Fact That I Didn't Make It Up For Church In Enough Time, This Friend Comes Bouncing Out To My Living Room Like Human Silly Putty And Starts To Tell Me What An Inspiration I Have Been For Him And That He's Been Telling All His Friends Back Home About What An "Awesome Dude" I Am And All This "Wisdom" I've Dropped On Him. .........okay, Are We Talking About The Same People Here? I'm Looking At My Shoes And Trying To Not Listen To This Little Speech Of His. Because Surely He Can't Be Talking About Me? And Then I Felt The Spirit Of The Lord Just Impress Something On My Heart: "Do You See? If You Had Gone This Morning, You Never Would Have Realized The GOOD You Have Been Doing." ....And That Kind Of Stuck With Me Through Today.
   Just Like The Farmer Who Plants His Corn, He Sometimes Gets Impatient And Discouraged With Not Seeing Any Results From All Of His Labor. But When The Times And Seasons Have Run Their Course, He Receives A Yield That He May Not Have Expected. I Guess This Is Kind Of The Same Situation. To See A Young Man That's On Fire To Change Injustices In The World......Something To See..So, We'll Watch And See Where This Fire Will Take This Young Man. But It's Such A Lesson To Realize That The Father In Heaven Knows Our Situations Even Better Than We Do Ourselves. It's A Matter Of Just Giving Up To His Will And Settling In Whatever Position He Puts Us In.
   So, (There's That Little Word Of Mine I LOVE To Use Again! LOL!) I Guess The Whole Conclusion Is That Sometimes We Just Need To See The Passion We Can Inspire In Others Lives To Get The Fires Going In Our Own Lives.........<3'n Jesus,k.