Monday, February 13, 2012

Praise Report.....Great Report.....

  Well, Just Got Back From My Annual Doctor's Physical.....I Shall Not Die, But I Shall Live! LOL!...Anyway, Blood Pressure Is Steady At 140/80....And Even After Fighting With A Smoking Habit For A Little While ( I KNOW! HORROR OF HORRORS! A MAN OF GOD WHO SMOKES? AGGGGGHHHH! IT"S THE END OF DECENCY AND THE WORLD!)\
  Sorry. Just My Warped Sense Of Humor....Yeah. I Still Am Fighting Off The Habit. Got The Doctor To Give Me Some Patches. And I'm Still Praying That The Father Will Remove It....
  Oh, I Forgot. The Physical. So, Doctor Is A Little Shocked, After Sticking That Freaking Ice-Cold Stethoscope All Over My Freaking Body, That She Can't Find Any Signs Of Smokers Lungs Or Anything Else Of Course.      I Have My Questions Whether Or Not They Just Stick Those Things In A Freezer Before They Come In The Room......But I Guess That's Something I May Have To Investigate Someday.
   So, Doc S. Tells Me Other Really Good News..(WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT AHEAD!)...I'm Too Old To Have Testicular Cancer And Too Young To Have Prostate Cancer....So, More Good News. And The Shoulder And Arm Injury Is Almost Entirely Healed. So, I Have A Lot Of My Brothers And Sisters In The Lord To Thank For That. Basically.....A Clean Bill Of Health..... No Medications....No Problems...Coolz..
     I Tend To Believe That Because Of The Love I Have For My Lord, In His Word He Promised Me Long Life. And Considering How Many Times I've Almost Died Or Been Close To Dead, Well....I'm Still Here. And I'm Still Attempting To Share The Love Of Jesus With Whomever I Can And What He Can Really Do In Your Life. So I Guess He's Keeping Me Around For A Reason....Still Working That One Out In My Head And Heart...Anywaays....I'm Gonna Round This One Out For Right Now By Praying For Everyone That Is Reading This:

  Dear Father In Heaven That Looks Down Upon His Children With Grace Each Day, I Come To You As Your Humble Servant, For I Am Nothing More Than A Simple Man, Who Has Faith In A Power Far Higher Than Himself. Dear Father, I Pray For Each Of These That Read This Post, That Their Hearts May Be Open More To The Leading Of The Holy Spirit That Will Begin To Quicken Each And Every One Of Us. I Pray Father That They Open Their Hearts To The Deeper Love That You Have For Each Of Them And Show Them How To Apply It In Their Everyday Lives. Open Their Eyes And Let The Scales The Enemy Has Put Up Before Them As Illusions Begin To Fall Away From Their Eyes. Let Them See The Glory Of God All Around Them And Gain A New Appreciation For The Love He Has For Them. Teach Them Father To Love One Another And Treat Each Other Kindly. Help Them Bear True And Faithful Witness To The Master And Lord That Lives Within Their Hearts. And Father, Protect Each One By Your Presence And Indwelling. Remind Their Hearts That You Are In Front , To The Side, Behind And Within Them. There Is None Greater Than You. Help Each And Every One To Understand This Through Your Holy Spirit. In Jesus Precious Name, Amen & Amen....................<3'n Jesus,k.