Friday, February 17, 2012

Hit With It........

  Sitting Around Yesterday Feeling Kind Of Depressed. Was Worrying About Things I Have No Control Over. ......Growing Roots Into The Couch Like Any Good Little Couch Potato Does.....Desperately Flicking Through All The Channels Attempting To Find Something To Pique My Interest And Get A Flicker Of Life Out Of Me. I Just Wasn't Feeling My Lord's Presence Like I Usually Do And It Bothered Me. So, While Flicking Through, I Happen On One Channel With Pastor Kerry Shook Of The Woodlands Was Talking About The Old Poem "Footprint's In The Sand". And He Had Some Sort Of Photo Or Picture Of It Up And He Suddenly Drew His 2 Fingers In A Line Down The Photo Leaving Streaks. And He Asked What We Thought It Was. He Explained That It Was When Instead Of God Carrying You, He's Dragging You Kicking And Screaming....And Then I Changed The Channel Again.
  Well, A Little Later, Still Moping About With My Lip Dragging The Floor, Suddenly I Heard That Still Small Voice Tell Me To Call A Very Old Friend Of Mine. Kind Of Ignored It At First....But, Obviously, It Grew More Insistent. FINE! I'll CALL! ....So I Picked Up The Phone And I Call.
  So We Get To Talking, And As The Holy Spirit Or Presence Of The Lord Does, When 2 Or More Are Together, He's There. I Say That To Say This. As We Were Talking, I Just Happened To Mention Seeing The Broadcast This Morning. Lo And Behold, She And Her Husband Had Seen The Exact Same Program That Morning. So Saying That, It Only Took A Second For The Holy Spirit To Let Me Know That I Had Been Being Dragged Into What It Is The Father Has Planned For My Life. My Friend Told Me That She Was Getting A Real Gut Feeling That I Was Perhaps Mad At The Lord For Things Not Progressing Faster Than I Wanted.
   Later, I Realized A Little Deeper What That Meant As I Prayed And Thought About It. It Was Also Telling Me That The Father In His Loving Kindness Was Trying To Drag Me Away From What I Perceived Would Be The Same Experience As I Had Gone Through The Previous Year. What He Was Trying To Let Me Know Was To Leave What Happened Last Year, Last Year. This Is A New Year Where He's Going To Do Lots Of Very Exciting Things That Are Going To Astound People. And The Ways He Gifted And Used People Last Year Will Not Be The Same This Year. There Is Going To Be A Greater Fire Than Ever That HE HIMSELF Will Light In Every Believing Christian's Heart. His Presence Is Going To Make Itself Known In Our Little Fast Paced, "Give Me A Double Frappachino" Lives This Year. I Hope All Of Us Are Ready And Have Finally Turned Our Eyes Outward To See A Beautiful New World....<3'n Jesus,k.

 PS: Now, Here's A Puppy For You To Go "AWWWW" About......<3'n Jesus,k.