Friday, February 3, 2012

How Do You Praise The Lord?.....

  I've Watched Many People Throughout Life Praise Their Creator In Various Ways. I've Seen The Stoic But Loving Southern Baptists. I've Seen The Fear And Reverence And Idolatry Coming From Others. I've Seen The "Holy Rollers' Who I Believe Are Taking God's Grace Just A Little TOO Far. And Then I've Seen Those Who Quietly Worship, Arms Raised, Far Off In Another Place With The One They Truly Love. They're Lost In A Feeling Of Love, Warmth, Refreshing From The Inside Out, And A New Appreciation For What Unconditional Love Is About...I Think Of Joan-of-Arc, Who Led Forward France's Rag Tag Armies Into Battle Because Of A Vision From God. But Refused To Carry A Sword Herself Because She Could Not Slay A Man, But Would Instead Hold The Enemy Wounded In Her Own Arms As She Prayed For Them And Begged Them To Repent. And Even As She Was Turned In As A Traitor And Burned At The Stake, She Loudly Proclaimed The Praises Of Her Lord And God, Of Whom She Would Not Recant One Single Thing She Was Ever Shown By God.......So, Why The History Lesson? Maybe Just To Give An Example Of What It Meant To Be A Christian During Those Times And They Praised. How Much More Today Should You Praise Him For All The Wonderful Benefits You Have In Your Life Right Now. Even The Poor And Poverty-Stricken Who Might Read This Blog. Compared To The Lives They Had, We Live Like Kings. So,,.....Next Time You Are Able To Get That Perfect Grande Latte Mocha....Thank God For That.   Seriously.
.............<3'n Jesus,k.