Thursday, January 5, 2012

So...They Might Be Paying Attention..

  This Is A Good Thing. I See "someone's" Looking At The Posts. So What's On My Mind Today? Are We Loving With Just Lipservice Or With Your Hands? Do You Tell Yopur Friends You'll "Always Be There For Them"? Or When They Call, It's 'Inconvenient' For You To Talk Because your 'Too Tired', 'Not Feeling Well', Or Just Plain Don't 'Feel' Like Talking? You Always Have To Consider, "What If It Was Me At All-Hours-Of-The-Night" Needing To Talk, Or A Favor? Would You Be There For YOU? It Makes Me Think About Myself. Would I Be There If I Called? And I Can Answer That Many Times I'm Sure I Wouldn't Be Either. But It Doesn't Stop Me From Continuing To Strive To Do What I Know In My Heart Is The Right Thing To Do. A Little Love Really Does Go A Lot Further Than A Lot Of Hate....<3'n Jesus,k.