Monday, January 9, 2012

Some New Health News I Just Found....

  When I Started This Blog, I Intended It To Not Only Be An Outlet To Share Experiences, Knowledge, And Understanding. As Of Yet, I Had Not Put Up Any Posts About Health Items That I Had Originally Intended. Well, Today Is The First Post, So I Figured I Would Make It A Good One. When God Created The Earth, He Created All The Different Plants And Herbs That We Have In Abundance Around Our Little Planet For Use By Man To Improve And Help His Life. Well, Today, I'm Going To Talk About One.
  The Plant I'm Referring To Is Called Turmeric. Turmeric Is A Perennial Plant From The Ginger Family. Native To South Asia, The Plant Is Regularly Boiled, Then Dried And Ground Up Into A Powder That Is Used As A Spice For Cooking, Dyeing Fabrics, Cosmetics, And Is A Color Additive To Mustards. The Active Ingredient Is Something Called Curcumin. Most People Know It As Something They Would Cook With, But Did You Know That It Has Also Been Used As A Medicine For Many Diseases In Other Countries. And Today, Researchers Are Finding Out That It Has Many Amazing Benefits That They Have Only Just Begun To Unlock.
   At A Site On The Web,, You Will See A Listing Of 573 Different Diseases That Turmeric Has Been Found To Be Beneficial In Helping. Among Them Are Breast Cancer, Colon Cancer, Inflammation, Lung Cancer, Aging, High Cholesterol, Diabetes, Arthritis, Crohn's Disease, Pain, Stress, Pancreatitis, Burns, Fever, Ulcers, Hepatitis, Kidney Stones And A Host Of Others That Are Obviously Too Numerous To Mention. And Research Continues Into This "Plant Of Many Wonders".
   You Will Also Be Able To Find Much More Information And Research Studies (For Those Of You In The Medical And Research Fields Or Those Who Just Want To See How Many Big Words You Can Figure Out The Meaning Of Without Resorting To The Dictionary) At Just Type Turmeric Into The Search Bar And You Will Find 2006 Different Research Articles By Doctors And Researchers Into The Benefits Being Found In This Wonderful Plant.
   And I Don't Just Say These Things Not Knowing Whether It Works. I Have Personal Experience With Using It And Seeing How Amazingly This Simple Kitchen Spice Works. My Wife Had An Infection In Her Leg Several Months Ago. Her Doctor Prescribed The Powerful Antibiotic Keflex or Cephalexin. It's Used For Many Types Of Bacterial Infections And She Was Put On It For A One-Week Round. After That, She Should Have Been Healed Up. She Wasn't. So, Back To The Doc Again. Another Round. And Then Another.  
  Well, A Month Goes By And She Still Has This Infection. Then I Hear About This Stuff Called Turmeric. So, I Figure, "Why Not? Can't Hurt." So I Began To Give Her 1/2Tsp Of Turmeric A Day In Some Soup And Different Things She Would Eat. As I Said, It's A Great Spice For Adding Flavor To Soups, Stews, Meats, And All Kinds Of Different Stuff. Well, Within THREE DAYS, The Infection Began To Heal Up And She Was Up And Around On Her Feet Again. So, I KNOW It Works. Even Her Doctor Was Amazed. Go And Read Some Of The Wonderful Articles At These 2 Sites And See How This Simple Plant That God Made Can Do Some Pretty Awesome Things.
..........<3'n Jesus, k.