Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Hmm, Still Wonder If They Think We're Crazy...

  Just Running Through The Days News Events. Haven't Really Done Much In The Past Few Days Because Of Christmas. So Much Going On In The World That Wasn't Happening A Year Ago Today. We Have Over 4 Long-Standing Dictators That Are Suddenly Gone Within The Year. We Have Kim Jong Il of North Korea Gone. We Have Syria In The Sights Of Protestors Next. Not To Mention The Riots In Almost Every Major Nation: The United States With It's "Occupy" Movements, England With It's Riots Earlier In The Year, Russia's Uprising From It's People Against Putin Last Week. Then We Have The Earthquakes.
  Russia on Tuesday With A 6.6.
  Japan, With It's Triple Whammy Of Earthquakes, Tsunami, And Nuclear Disaster.
 And Multiple Earthquakes In Places That Have Never Seen Earthquakes.
 In Fact, Almost Each Day Or So This Year, And Increasing With Frequency, Earthquakes Of 4.5 And Above Are Shaking Things Up Like Never Before. http://quakes.globalincidentmap.com/
 And Then We Have The Pole Shift Back In January Beginning....http://www.foxnews.com/scitech/2011/01/06/magnetic-north-pole-shifts-forces-closure-florida-airport/
Oh, Can't Forget The SunSpots Too! In Fact, As Of This Writing, 3 Solar Storms Erupted Off The Sun's Surface On Christmas And Tuesday, Which We Get Hit With Tomorrow...
  This Is Not Even Including The Typhoons, The Tornado's, The Volcano's That Are Erupting, The Major Die-Offs Of Different Species, The Massive Oil Spills, etc., etc..
 So, What Am I Saying? And What Do You Think Is Happening? The Same Things That Have Been Prophesied 1000's Of Years Ago By The Biblical Prophets..But, I Know, "The Same Things Have Been Happening For Hundreds Of Years." Yeah, Okay. Sit In Your Little Comfortable Cardboard Box Of A Life And Ignore The Facts. You'll Be Okay. "Nothing To See Here. Move Along. Move Along...."
  Well, The Facts That Are Before Your Eyes, Or Maybe Have Even Arrived In YOUR Backyard If You've Been One Of The Unfortunate Ones, Can't Be Ignored For Too Much Longer. Especially With The New Year Coming.
  But, The Bright Spot In All Of This, Is God Is Still On His Throne. He's Not looking To Beat Anybody Up. Believe Me, If He Can Love Me, And Show Me How Much He Loves Me By Always Taking Care Of  My Every Need: Financial, Mental, Emotional, Physical, AND Spiritual, Then I Think The Best Bet Is For Me To Keep My Eyes Set On Him. And Get Rid Of All The Petty Annoyances And Things In This Life That We Worry About. Jesus Said, "All That Come Unto Me I Will In No Way Reject."
  Feeling Rejected, Abused, Downtrodden, And Run Over? Run To Jesus. When He Promised To Be The "Author And Finisher Of Our Faith", He's Just That. Even Though We May Stumble And Fall, He's Always There To Pick Us Up. And Help Us Over The Next Obstacle. I Know From 50+ Years Of Experience Now What He's Capable Of, And When He Promises Something, He Doesn't Go Back On His Word.
  This Next Year Will Be One Of Turmoil And Strife, Not Only Here In The US, But Around The World. Things Are Being Shaken. And They Are Going To Be Shaken Even Harder. But The Good News For Those That Know God As The Loving Father He Is, As Long As Our Eyes Are Set Upon Him, You Have Nothing To Worry About. He WILL Keep You Safe. Just To Prove That Those Who Trust Him Will Never Fall.
  This World Today Is Not The World I Grew Up In. Things Were Much More Peaceful And Less Stressful. But, The World Today Is Now On A Non-Stop Rollercoaster That None Of Us Can Get Off Of. So, Sit Back, Say A Prayer That Is Heart-Felt, Not Just Lipservice, And See What Peace You May Encounter, And What Kind Of Miracles You Can Receive In Your Life When You Just Give Up To Him.
  Seriously. He's Really A Nice Guy....<3'n Jesus, kurt