Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hey! You! Yeah, You!......

December 22, 2011

  It's Early. 6:10am. ...I'm Sitting Here Thinking About The Unusual Prayer Time I Just Had. I've Been Going Through A Lot Of Ups And Downs Lately. Fighting Depression And Illnesses With Myself And Family.
      But, Always Praying. Never Giving Up On My Master's Faithfulness In Answering.

And As I Sat Here Praying, I Suddenly Felt His Presence. And It Was Almost Like He Sat Down In The Chair Next To Me And Started Talking To Me. And He Said, " Didn't I Promise You I Would Take Care Of You? If You'll Keep Your Eyes Set On Me, Everything Will Be Fine. You Asked Me To Help You And Be With You, And I Am. .....Always. And I Will Continue To Keep You Strong.
   You Called And I Came. And If You Don't Believe What You Think I Just Told You, Go Read Psalms 22:24"

And Then That Was It.
    Well, Obviously, My Curiousity Was Peaked. I Had Never Read Psalm 22. Always 23, But Never 22. So, I'm Sitting Here Thinking. Did I Really Just Hear What I Thought I Heard? Or Am I Going  Crazy? Well, Needless To Say,
Psalm 22:24: "For He Hath Not Despised Nor Abhorred The Affliction Of The Afflicted; Neither Hath He Hid His Face From Them; But When He Cried Unto Him, He Heard."
   I Love The One Who First Loved Me.....<3'n Jesus, k.