Sunday, October 9, 2016

I'm A Little Tired Today...

   I'm Finally In Some Counseling, Though. After Almost 5 Years Now, I Finally Broke Down And Went. No Lie.... It Was Hard. Got An Appointment Later This Week.
   Sorry....I Was Just Raised "Old School." You Don't Complain About Life's Difficulties, Except To Jesus. Too Much 'Shut Up And Clam Up.'
   Sorry If I'm Not In A Grand Mood Today, But Just Seems Like I've Had To Be There For More People Lately Than Have Been There For Me. But, That's Cool. This Is The Christian Walk That I've Learned. Sometimes, We Just Have To Pick Up His Cross And Just Keep Moving Forward. Be Encouraged, Because Jesus Will Be There Everyday.          .........<3'n Jesus Always,k.