Friday, September 23, 2016

Well, Another Day Of Believing His Word Over Circumstances.........

  Update, 9/23/2016: Sorry For The Grammatical Errors And Punctuation In The Blog Below.. In My Enthusiasm, I Was In Too Much Of A Hurry. Correcting As I Go, LOL!...<3'n Jesus Always,k. 
   Well, Another Lazy September Day.
Although It"s Warmer Than Most. Especially Seeing How I'm Back To Having To Believe Him For Situations I Cannot Control. Seems Like My Faith Is Tested To A New Level Almost Everyday Now It Seems. And Yet,.. MY/OUR GOD Always Comes Through.
    Another Situation Of  My 'Faith In Transition' Presented Itself To Me Earlier Today. I Woke To My Son Telling Me That My Landlord Had Come By This Morning To Let Us Know That Our Local Electric Company Had Contacted Him To Gain 'Access' To Our 'Domicile,' And Remove Our Electric Meter Over Our Lack of Being Able To Pay Our Bill. This Was My 'Morning Greeting And Wake-Up Call'.. But,.. Hey.... It's Cool.
   My Wife Woke Me And Told Me Again. She Then Went In The Bathroom And Prayed Immediately. I Had already Awoken To The Sound Of My Son's Voice Addressing The Situation, ,And I Told Her I Was Going To Do The Same. And Then, I Went And Posted For Prayers On Facebook, To Those Who Understand,.....No Details Are  Needed. Just Your <3 Felt Prayers.
   In Less Than 20 minutes,.... 'Glory To Our MOST HIGH God", My Son Got On The Phone And Called For Me, And We Found Out That They Had Made A MISTAKE Several Months Before.... Okay, Cool. No One Would Be Out To Shut Us Off On Monday..... "Just Pay Next Month And $10 Extra." ...How Good Is Our/My God? Is He Not The King Of Kings
 i Ask Myself this Almost Every Day Now,..When Will We Trust In Him?
   I Remember Awaking The Day Before.....Heart Pounding And The Words Screaming Through My Brain..."WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO? YOU'RE GOING TO BE HOMELESS!!!! You Are An INFIDEL!!!!" I Think That's Probably The Closest I Ever Thought I Would Get To A Full Blown Heart Attack.
   And Yet....My...And OUR God Is Faithful! Who Is Like...The King Of Kings? Who Can Stand Against HIS Judgement? Thank You, My Precious Lord And Master, JESUS,
....For Once AGAIN , Proving,... Oh Yes.... Once Again...... WHO YOU ARE, And The Very Same  Power, Held Tightly Within The Understanding & Comprehension Of Your Name. Thank You, Once Again, For Glorifying Your Name.
    To My Friends, Brothers & Sisters Who Have Lifted Us Up Over The Many Years Now,
 Those Who Have Given , Those That Others Had Given No Thought To. The 'Abandoned Ones".
 The 'Hidden Ones'......The 'New Day Prophets' Arising From The Dust Of The 'Dead Bones Of Society' Does Not God's Word Say That The Road Before Us Shall Be Fraught With Very Long, Trying, And Perilous Roads? And How Shall It Compare With What Many Of Our Brothers And Sisters In Christ Have Gone Through,  Around The World, In These Days Now?
  My... Or... OUR Small 'Sacrifices' Are Nothing Compared To What Many Have Presented, Given, And Ultimately Lost For The Sake Of Jesus Christ's Name Around This World.  And Are Even NOW Going Through In And Around This World. May We All Look To Him Who Has Our Present State And FUTURE State At The Very <3 Of His Being..... Learn, Oh, Ye Children Of God,.... Learn. Pay Attention To The Signs Of The Times. Because We Survive To Thrive. And Spread His Glory... .....<3'n Jesus Always,k.
   P.S. Sorry If I  Was Off On A Rant. Just A Little Stressed Out, But It's Good With Jesus. .........< 3'n Jesus Always,k.