Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Pain Will Come....But Healing Comes On Wings Of Peace.....

   My Heart Burns Over This Post....I Hear the Sounds Of War Arising. Not Only Physical, But Most Importantly, The Supernatural Wars Raging Around Us. Our Peace, the Most Valuable Commodity Given By His Holy Spirit, Is Being Stolen Piece By Piece, When We Linger Upon The Thoughts And Concerns Of This World....Which Fades So Quickly Away Nowadays....Look To Him. ...Alone.
   This World Is Going To Disappoint You, Brothers And Sisters. Those You've Trusted All Your Lives, May Sudden;y Turn. Fathers Against Mothers. Sisters Against Brothers.
   Shall You Stand On the Side Of Righteousness And Grace? Or The Side Of Condemnation And Conviction? It's A Simple And Complex Choice: Give Up Condemning Others And Accept Our Own Failures, In The Light Of His Restorative Love. And Then....Let's Move On Bro's! Life Is Getting Really Short, Kids. Shall We Move Forward Or Cruise Backwards? Me? I'm Ready To Step Into 'Overdrive' With His Spirit And Claim All He Has Given To Me. I Want To Pray Over The Sick, Blind, Disabled, Feeble, Or Whatever....And Watch The Power And Holiness Of My Father Descend Upon Them And Restore Them.
   I Want To Be ALLL I Can Be For Him. and That's The Truth My Brother's.....
      ........,,<3'n Jesus Always,k.