Thursday, March 2, 2017

Update 3 To 2/23 Post..Amazing Things Happening Lately.......

   Well, Have To Make This A Little Quick Again, But With New Insights. In My Last Post, I Alluded To A Chaotic Life Lately. Threats Of Utility Shutoffs, Health Issues, Depression And Oppression From Every Side.
   And Then I Was Reminded Of The Words Of Isaiah 59:19.
   "So shall they fear the name of the LORD from the west, and his glory from the rising of the sun. When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the LORD shall lift up a standard against him."
    I Remember A Teaching From Years Ago About This Particular Verse. It Pointed Out A Very Simple Grammatical Error Made When Translating From The Original Hebrew Writings, To Many Of The Versions We Know And Read Today.
   It Changed The Meaning And Impact Of This Verse On My Life Forever. If You Look At The Verse Above, Move The Comma From The Word "flood" Back 3 Words. To The Word 'in'.
   "When the enemy shall come in, LIKE A FLOOD, the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him."
   It Was One Of Those "Oh, Wow...I Never Thought About That. What A "Revelation" Of The Depth And Perception Of His Word. Of The Power Of His Majesty.
   A Sudden Flood Washes Away Everything That Is Not Grounded And Solid, Exposing The Precious Things That Have Been Hidden. I Could Really Go Into The Prophetic Signs I've Seen In The News From Around The World, That Has Physically Demonstrated The Lesson I've Been Talking About. We Have An Innate Fear As Humans Of Being 'Out Of Control' Of Our Surroundings And Reality. The Things We Have Everyday Faith In. When That Is Disturbed, We Have The 'Fight Or Flight' Response. We Either Recoil Inside In Fear And Doubt. Or We Look For The Signs Around Us That He Hasn't Left Our Side.
   But Jesus Is Our Friend, And He Always Shines Through The Mental, Emotional And Spiritual Chains Of Our Darkness. Suddenly,.... Without Warning.
   Raising Our Spirits Out Of The Muck To Show Us Just How Much He Loves Us.
   Seems To Be A Game Of 'Spiritual Peek-a-Boo' He Plays In Our Live's Sometimes To Show Us He's Still Very Aware Of Us And Our Needs. Or Maybe It's Just The Way He Deals With Me, Not Catching On Quickly Enough. Had a Lot Of Head Injuries Over My Lifetime... No Matter.
   As Long As I Learn His Desired Lesson.
   That Beyond Every Type Of Fear That May Come Against My Spirit, Mind And Body, His Presence Is Always There, Accompanied By That Soft, Gentle Voice Saying "Peek-A-Boo! I Told You I Loved You!".
   I'm Speaking Of What I Had Mentioned In The Last Update. Not Only About Getting An Unexpected Blessing In The Mail, But Less Than 2 Days After That, We Received Another One.
   Even Bigger, From The Same Settlement Case.
   Then, Suddenly My Landlord Decides He's Going To Fix 3 Or 4 Issues In Our Apartment, That Have Been Here For Years.
   A Sudden Beginning To A Landslide Of Blessings?
   And This Is What I Speak Of, When I Say 'Spiritual Peek-A-Boo'.
   In My Walk Over The Past 30+ Years With Jesus, It Seems It's Been A Relationship Much Based On The Father Trying To Convince Me That I Am Possibly Worthy Of His Love.
   That's A Difficult Thing For Me To Admit To The World.
   These Are My Failures And Fears I'm Exposing. Because I'm Human, And My One Desire Is To Live To The Fullest Potential That My Life Can Obtain With The Gifts I Have Been Given.
   I Have To Close This Off, Because I Need To Make Sure My Wife Is Okay, And Figure Out Something For Her To Eat To Keep Her Warfarin/Coumadin Levels Balanced.
   Did I Mention She Has To Have Blood Draws Every 2 Weeks At Home? Not Complaining, Just A Part Of Our Lives Now.
 Oh, By The Way, As Of The 28th Of February, We've Been Married For 29 "Adventure-Filled Years". 'To Death Do We Part' Has A Definite Meaning In Our Lives. If I Have Enough Time, I'll Tell That Story In The Near Future. Be BLESSED, Children Of The Most High.....<3'n Jesus Always,k.