Wednesday, July 22, 2015

So Funny Lately......

  Today Has Been An Exhausting Day. Emotionally. Spiritually. Physically (Always Last Place! At Least In The World I've Been Living In..)
   Numerous Visitors; Each With A Heartache, Spiritual Wound, Or Just Needing To Unload. 'sigh...',Thank You Jesus, For Giving Me Your Strength Today. Getting Me Through Today. I'm Not Trying To Be A Freaking Martyr. My Master Is Worth More That That.
   Strange To Have So Many Friend Requests Lately. Especially When I Contrast This With My 'Real Life'. But This Is What I See, And Am Refreshed By Lately: I Am Defended. My Father Has Set People That Pray For Me & Mine. And We, For Them. Why? I Don't Know. I Don't Care. Neither Does The Wind Of His Breath. He Will Blow Where He Will. Thank You, Jesus..For Always Watching Over Us, No Matter The Fire Over Our Lives.
   He Means Too Much To Me As The Days Fly By Now. He's All We Have Anymore. That Faith And Trust Discovered Years Past Now, It Is Now The Blessing Of 'Old Age', I Guess. Take It Or Leave It, Guys. Done For Today....<3'n Jesus Always,k.

Sorry, Updated With A Few More Thoughts, Guys....<3'n Jesus Always,k.

P.S. I've Seen How Many Views Today. If  This Post Touched Your Life Today In A New & Meaningful Way, You Have My Absolute Permission To Share It. Hopefully, It Will Bless Someone Else Today, And Lift Them From The Ditches To The Mountains. Be Blessed, Children Of His Light. Let It Burn Bright & Strong Now....
...<3'n Jesus Always,k,.