Monday, July 13, 2015

Fear Not, For I Am With You.....

   Over The Last Few Weeks, And Even In Today's News, We Hear Reports Of  Massive Changes In Our Earth From Around The World: Record-Setting Heat Waves, Earthquakes, Tsunami's, Tornados, And Erupting Volcanoes Everywhere.
   We Have Signs In The Heavens: A Tetrad Of Blood Moons, Coinciding Each Year On A Day That Is Designated As Holy Unto The Lord. And Not To Mention The Eclipses In Between. Asteroids, Sudden Meteors Out Of Nowhere, And Meteorites Aplenty. Sudden Blasts Of CME's From Our Sun That Have Rocked Our Preciously Fragile Planet Lately.
   We Have Governments Colliding & Imploding, Just As Rome Did Eons Past. Each Great Society Only Decays From The Inside. Why? Because The Earth Screams, From The Blood Of The Innocent That Has Been Shed In The Names Of Pride, Hatred, Division, Lust And Greed.
   We Have No One To Blame But Ourselves. And Yet, Society Has Changed To Teach Us To Lie, Cheat, Deny, And Steal To "Get What We Deserve." And We WONDER Why These Things Are Happening?
   We Now Have A Chance To Change Things For The Better. In The Vast Span Of The Universe, You Are Unique, And Yet Very Small. Once We Have Come To Remembrance The Humility of Realizing That Every Moment You Open Your Eyes From Sleep, When You Take That First Awakening Breath, And That First Electrical Impulse That Fires Off In Your Muscles To Make Your Tired Bodies Arise: It's Only Because Of His Neverending Authority And Power. You Have Been Granted The Gift Of Another Day.
  Psalms 33:6 ; "By The Word Of The Lord Were The Heavens Made; And All The Host Of Them By The Breath Of His Mouth."  You Have Been Given A Gift. The Gift Of Life. How Shall You Choose To Use It? In Forgiveness? In Charity? In Helping Someone Less Strong As Yourself?
   It's A Very Simple Choice. You Will Either Stand In The Face Of What Is Coming In His Love, Forgiveness, And Confidence That HE HIMSELF Is Watching Over You, Or You Shall Fall In A Terror That You Have Never Experienced. It's Coming, And Time Is Running Out To Stand On One Side Or The Other. Men Have Opinions. The Lord Has Truth & Power On His Side. He Will Keep His Own Safe.
   Psalm 91:7 "A Thousand Shall Fall At Thy Side, And Ten Thousand At Thy Right Hand; BUT It Shall Not Come Nigh Thee."
   This Is His Promise.
   This Is His Word, Which Is Immutable.
   This Is The Love That He Shed On The Cross For An Unworthy People.
   .....<3'n Jesus....Always,k.