Sunday, January 25, 2015

Are We Focused On Our Needs? Or Others?

   I Sit Here....In Silent Thought, Prayer, And Praise. Listening To Kari Jobe Sing "Revelation Song" From 2013 On Youtube. At The Moment...I'm Basking In His Overwhelming Presence Of Love In My Office.
   I Returned, Less Than 3 Hours Ago From Seeing My Sweet, Precious Spouse Of Almost 27 Years Now, The Mother Of My Children Who Loves & Treasures Jesus With Every Fiber Of Her Being, Locked Down Inside Of Our Counties "Behavioral Health" Ward, For The 3rd Week Now.
I Remember Vividly The Tears, The Look And Wounded Spirit Of Her Eye's As I And Her Sister Visited With Her For Over 1 1/2 Hours. My Heart's Wounded, But Never Broken.
  Yes, This Precious Child Of God That I Was Privileged  To Have Been Allowed To Introduce To Our Lord & Master, Is Still 'Gone' For The 'Moment', And Yet.... Within Those Eye's, Saddened By Some Unknown Memory Or Wound To Me, Still Contain The Spark Of His Holy Spirit's Presence.
  Those Of You Who Understand, Not Sure How To Approach This Situation. If You're Reading This, And You KNOW That He's Given You A Word Of Wisdom For Me In This Situation, Please...Don't Hesitate To Comment Or Pray. I'll Take It Under Prayerful Consideration In The Light Of His Word.
  But, Your Prayers And Petitions Are Heard, Brothers And Sisters. And My Trust Is, And Has, Been In The One Who Has Kept Us Every Day Through Sickness, Darkness, Poverty, And Hunger.
And Until My Last Breath, I Will Praise His Name. Eye's Up.....<3'n Jesus Always,k.