Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Today, Maybe Our World Will Change. Are You Going To Be A Part?

    It's An Election Day Here In The United States. We Go To Elect People Who We Put Our Trust In And The Hands Of Our Government In. Will We Put Our Trust In Men, Or God? Do We Find Our Values In Policies? Laws? Big Business?  What Values Do We Truly Hold? And In The Long Run, How Much Will They Matter To You Once They Fade Away?

   I Put My Trust In The One Who Has Carried Me Through So Many Ups And Downs In Life, I Can't Even Count Them Anymore. And He Has Always Restored My Hope, Faith, And Love. Without Fail. Because He Cares More About What Is Going On In My Life More Than I Do. 

   I Love Those Times....When I Can Feel His Loving Presence Suddenly Wrap Around Me, Like A Warm, Electrified, Baby Blanket. Such An Unusual Feeling, But One I Would Love To Feel 24/7, But Then, I'd Probably Never Get Anything Done. But Those Moments Are My Anchor's Now In This World. 

This World Is Changing. Today, By Votes, Here In Our Country. But Daily, Events Are Escalating At A Rapid Pace. People Are Worried, Frightened, Unsure Of What's To Come. But, I Think I'll Just Keep My Eye's On Him, And Keep My Hope Anchored In Him........<3'n Jesus Always,k.