Sunday, November 23, 2014

A Word About Judgement.....

 Hmmmm...The Thing Is.... How Quick We Are To Judge. In Todays News, And In Your Own Personal Lives, I'm Sure You'll Find Many Instances, Situations, And Moments Where We Choose To Judge Another's Sins In Comparison To Our Own. "Who Among You Is Without Sin? Let HIM Or HER Come Forward, And Cast The First Stone. "--Jesus Christ
   Such A True Word That Is So Hard For Not Only Myself, But Many. To Answer Totally Truthfully. As A Nation, A People, And A Race.
Oh, That's A Very Hard Row For Us To Hoe And Plant.
We Define Ourselves By The Judgements We Make.  "Snap" Judgements Of Those We Meet In The Street. Not Spending A Moment Of Our Precious Time, To Consider Their Circumstance. What Brought Them Here? What Tragedy Happened That Was Never Addressed By Others Because Of "Pressing, Personal Issues."
   In Those Moments, That We Finally Will Lay Down The Structure, Fears, And Worries Of Our Lives Are The Moments You Will See The Hand Of The Almighty Move..And Then See Miracles Happen. Can You Take The Time Today To  Act, And Then Watch For A Miracle?  If This Makes Sense And Touches YOU, Please Share With Someone Else You Think It May Help........<3'n Jesus Always,k.