Sunday, October 5, 2014

Today, Will It Be Self-Serve, Or Self-Sacrifice For The Future?

Yes. I See It Everyday. In The Voices On The Street I Hear, Or Talk With For A Few Minutes, Sharing Their Troubles. Trying, As I'm Led, To Share An Uplifting Word Or Insight To Where They May Think They Are At, Versus, From My Perspective I've Found Occasionally, The Prophetic And Future Calling Of God On Their Lives. ....Yeah.   I See These Things For Some People. Maybe That's My Calling In Him. To....Just Be There, You Know, When Needed. The 'Little Suggestion' Or 'Encouragement' Out Of The Blue. If He'll Grant Me That Honor, I'll Be A Happy Man. If I Can Say Just A Few Words Of Inspiration That Will Point People To The Most Magnificent, And Loving Person, That You May Ever Hope To Meet. Then, I Guess I'm Good In My Life With That. Why? Well, See, Because I've Asked For Things, And He's Always Delivered 200%. Think Back Over Your Life. Those Silent Requests, In The Darkest Of Your 'Nights'... That Suddenly,...Was Answered. That Little 'Spark Of Hope' That Kept You Moving, Each Day..... And Now, Keeps Moving You Forward Each Day. Keep Looking Up. You Won't Be Disappointed.......<3'n Jesus Always,k..