Friday, February 10, 2012

You Know, If Jesus Said....

  I Was Just Pondering Something That Jesus Had Told His Disciples. He Told Them That If They Believed In God, Then Believe In Him.... Not Just Because That He Said He Was, But To Believe Just Because Of The Things And Miracles They Had Seen. ....It's Funny, But I Don't Think We Really Comprehend What Jesus Said Many Times,Especially About Faith.
  Faith....It's Such A Funny Thing In Our Minds And Hearts Sometimes. One Minute We Can Be On Top Of The World, Filled With His Glory, Favor Everywhere. Walking In The Power Of His Gifts And His Charisma That Draws People Like A Magnet. And Then Sometimes It Feels As If His Overwhelming Confidence And Boldness Is Just Suddenly Lifted, And You Feel As Small As A Gnat. ......Then The Depressive Attacks Begin. Perhaps Physically Someway, To Take Your Mind And Focus Off What The Holy Spirit Is Trying To Communicate To You. Then The Attacks Of Doubts Begin: ....."Did I Sin Somehow? .....Did I Miss A Specific Instruction The Lord Gave Me? ....Have I Offended His Precious Spirit Somehow?    And The enemy Begins To Get You To Wrack Your Brains, Wondering If You've Stepped Out From Under His Umbrella Of Grace. And Then It Gets Progressively Worse From There.      

   Other Physical Attacks, Health Problems, Mental Problems, And A Grieving And Aching In Your Deepest Part Of Your Spirit Just To Have The Father's Electrifying Presence Wrapped Around You For A Few Moments To Refresh You And Wipe Away Months Or Years Of Questions .......And Crying Out In A Single Moment, Never To Be Remembered Except For The Lessons You Learned.
  Have We Learned The Valuable And Eternal Lessons In Love, Humility, And Faith In The One Who Holds Every Second Of Every Day Of Your Existence In His Hands?  He Knows What You Did Yesterday, Down To What Color Hair Barrettes You Chose      Or What Man's Cologne That You Put On Yesterday. So,....... Cutting It Short: He Knows You Inside And Outside Like A Well Read Book.

      It's Just So Much Easier When You Just Get Alone With Him In Your Favorite Quiet Place, Albeit A Roaring, Popping Fire On A Cold Day With Your Bible On The Floor In Your Blankets, Or In Your Favorite Study Place With Quiet And Gentle Worship And Praise Music Going On. When You Do This, Pay Close Attention To The Songs That Are Played. The Father Knows Exactly What Your Doing And You May Be Surprised If You Hear A Song Come n That Ministers Right To The Very Need You Are Going Through.
 He's Faithful And Oh, So Loving. Far Greater Than We Can Imagine. When I Even Begin To Think Of Some Of The Marvelous Things He Has Shown Me, I Just Stand In Awe. They Are So Difficult To Describe. .........Staircases Made Of Pure Translucent Gold, Huge Libraries Full Of The Knowledge Of The Universe. And Happy, Overjoyed People Everywhere. Ageless And Timeless.     I Kind Of Identify With The Apostle Paul Sometimes (But By No MEANS Went Through What He Went Through.) When You Ask The Lord To Take Away A Thorn In Your Side That Has Plagued You. ...But The Father In His Wisdom Only Says, "My GRACE Is Sufficient For You." .........And It's True. No Matter The Situations I Have Found Myself In Over The Years, His GRACE Is Always Sufficient For Me And My Family.
      Seems Sometimes He Lets Us Walk Through "The Valley Of The Shadow Of Death" , But We Will Always Know That He Is With Us. His Promises Say He Is And He Doesn't Lie. His Sudden Covering Of You In His Presence Like A Nice Warm Blanket Or Anointing Is Another Proof That He Uses. But The Best Truth Is When He Speaks To You In That Still Small Voice, And Let's You Know That He Has Everything In Your Life In The Power Of His Hand, And If Your Eyes Are On Him, He Will Move Heaven And Earth On Your Behalf.........................<3'n Jesus,k.