Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Exposing My Life....

  Well, Dear Readers....The Arm And Shoulder Are Still Killing Me, But, Got To Soldier On. Was Starting To Get A Little Depressed Again Earlier Today, Because Of The Nagging Pain And Feeling So Fatigued. Haven't Been Sleeping Real Good, So Spend A Lot Of Time Praying. And It Gets Me Through Another Day. But The Depression Attempts To Hit In Various Forms: Worrying About My Wife's Health, Worrying About Bills And Even Sometimes Being Able To Go Outside. Or Even Think About Trying To Try To Go Back To Work Again. But, God Is Always Faithful To Never Allow The Pressure To Get Too High Without Stepping In And Comforting You All Over Again And Making You Realize That NOTHING In Your Life Escapes His Attention. I'll Find Many Times That As I'm Praying About Something, Before I Even Get Finished Pondering It In My Heart, His Still Small Voice Answers The Question. Kind Of Spooks Me Sometimes That He Knows Your Thoughts Even Before You Think Them. But, That's How A Loving Father Behaves Toward His Children. To Have Already Anticipated Their Need Before They Can Even Think About It. He Has Planned For Their Food. He Has Planned For Their Clothes And Shelter. He Has Already Thought Out To The Smallest Detail Of How Their Needs Will Be Met. Because He Loves Them With An Undying Love. And A Love That Burns Passionately Against Any enemy That Would Attempt Harm To That Child. If We Only Will Run To Him. After All These Years, I've Seen How Worry And Freaking Out Over Your Future Is Useless If Jesus Is Nowhere In The Picture. He Gives You Hope. He Gives You Strength That You Didn't Know Was There. He Gives You A Heart Of Forgiveness And Love For People You Wouldn't Otherwise Care About. Gets Difficult To Explain I Guess If You Haven't Had The Experience, But I Know In My Heart That His Sincere Desire Is That Everyone Will Truly Know Who He Really Is. He Wouldn't Have Created Us To Relish In Destroying Us..Jus Saying.........For Now.   <3'n Jesus,k.
P.S.: If This Helps You In Any Way, Share It With Your Friends. I Don't Mind, Especially If It Gives Someone Else Hope...<3'n Jesus,k.