Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Edit Update: My Punctuational, Grammatical & Structural Apologies....

  First Of All: My Apologies For Not Re-Reading My Last Post. I Hope Ya'll Will Understand. As I Have Been Stating, I've Been Facing Quite A Few Health, Financial And Spiritual Challenges Lately And It Has Kept Me A Little Busy. 
  See, I Usually Only Blog And Write When I'm Inspired And Led To. At Times, The Message Is Running So Quickly Through My Head And Spirit, That I Haven't Been Paying Attention To Proofreading The Details Of What I Wrote. And Of The Lessons He Teaches Me Daily Through The Trials, Tribulations, And Marvelously Awesome Victories He Brings. Sometimes It Pertains To One Specific Incident That The Lord Uses To Teach Me A Lesson. 
  And Other Times, One Daily Incident Or Interaction With Loved Ones Or Strangers Teaches A Multitude Of Lessons. All Intertwined Seamlessly With Demonstrations Of His Love And Care For Me And Mine. He's Shared A Lot Of Lessons With Me Lately, And Lovingly Corrected And Taught Me As Only Our Truly Loving Father Can.
  Like I Told A Dear Friend The Other Day On Facebook, For The UMPTEENTH Time Now Over My 36 Years Of Walking With Him (Not Really Counting The 5 Years Before, When I Had Made "The Walk" To The Front Of  A Little Church High In The Mountains Of North Carolina, But,...That's Another Story), He GENTLY Reminded Me Again That There Are Times In Our Life When He Molds And Pounds Us Like Clay, Separates Us From Everything We May Have Found Joy In, And Puts The Heat & Pressure On Us That Is Needed To Change Us From The Blackest Coal Into A Diamond Worthy Of His Appraisal And Approval. 
  But I Do Intend To Go Back And Add On & Edit, As Quick As Time And Energy Permits. Provided I Can Pay My Internet Bill This Month, LOL! I'm Going To Wrap This Up For Now Because I'm Finishing This Up Through My Still Very Tired Eyes After Only Sleeping A Few Hours, And I Have To Take My Wife To The Doctors Office In A Couple Of Hours. May Your Day Today Be Especially Blessed By The Lord As He Shows You His Own Special Love For You, Through His Many Varied And 'Mysterious' Ways, In The Power, Name And Authority Of Jesus Name. Amen. Be Back Soon. ....<3'n Jesus Always,k.