Saturday, March 4, 2017

Been Praying Today...And Perhaps A New World Is On The Way....

   Well, I Spent Some Time In Prayer Again Today. Mulling Over A Few Things In The Current News, And Events Occurring In And Around Our Not-So-Little-World. New Planets Have Been Discovered That Our Human Race Can Suck Dry Of Resources Eventually. New Shifts In Seismic Activity Have Shook The World. Old, Long-Thought Dormant Volcano's, Are Awakening With A New And Unbelievable Ferocity. Our Earth's Magnetic Shield Is Being Tested With 'Force Majeure' From The Sun, In It's Already Fragile, Magnetic State. Not To Mention The Massive, On Going Radiation Leak From Fukushima's Nuclear Reactors Over 5 Years Ago, Into The Pacific Ocean That They Can't Even Make A Robot That Can Withstand The Radiation Levels, Just To Find The Source. And The Unexpected Meteors. And Floods. And Landslides. And Infestations Of Bugs & Viruses. The Massive Die Offs Of Plants, Insects And Animal Life Around The World. Not To Mention The Human Factors: Greed, Pride, Lust, Envy, Sloth, Etc.
   If Not For The Hope Of The Father, The Son, And The Mighty Holy Spirit Stepping In, .....We Should All Be Lost As A Race. We Should Be Nothing More Than The Dust Under Our Feet. Yet, He Has Smiled Upon Us.
   A New World Is Coming. Changes Across The Spectrum & Borders Of Human Understanding: Politics, Medicine, Science, Astronomy, And Many Other Fields Of Knowledge Will Occur This Year. But....Shall We Use Them For Decimation,.... Or Restoration?
   It's Each Persons Choice In This World, No Matter Race, Heritage, Color, Or Education Level, To Give Their Best effort Every Day As A Member Of The Human Race.
   Looking For Something To Motivate You?
   Pick ONE Of Those To COMMIT To Do To ONE Person Today.
   And Watch How Your Life Begins To Gain More "Color & Love".
   May Your Day Be Filled With The Father's Unexpected Blessings.
   ........<3'n Jesus Always,k.